AUTO THEFT-Take Steps to Prevent it!
December 19, 2016
Auto Insurance Limits- Ontario
December 19, 2016

Does your Vehicle Attract Thieves?

Did You Know?

Approximately 200 cars are stolen per day in Canada, and some vehicles may be more at risk of being targeted than others. Certain makes and models of vehicles may be stolen more often because of their value, lack of safety features and more.

According to the Insurance Bureau of Canada’s (IBC) list of the top 10 most frequently stolen vehicles, common targets for thieves in 2016 include the following:


1. 2007 Ford F-350 Super Duty 4WD Pickup
2. 2006 Ford F-350 Super Duty 4WD Pickup
3. 2005 Ford F-350 Super Duty 4WD Pickup
4. 2004 Ford F-350 Super Duty 4WD Pickup
5. 2003 Ford F-350 Super Duty 4WD Pickup
6. 2015 Toyota 4Runner 4-door 4WD SUV
7. 2003 Cadillac Escalade 4-door 4WD SUV
8. 2002 Ford F-350 Super Duty 4WD Pickup
9. 2006 Ford F-250 Super Duty 4WD Pickup
10. 2010 Acura ZDX 4-door AWD SUV

For the second year in a row, auto theft in Canada has been on the rise. In fact, the number of stolen vehicles has gone up 6 per cent from 2015—increasing to 78,849 stolen vehicles in Canada.

Older cars, those with four-wheel drive and high-end SUVs tend to be the most popular targets. However, vehicle size doesn’t appear to be a deterrent, as trucks, sedans and other smaller vehicles are all frequently the victims of theft.

In order to protect your vehicle, it’s important to park your car in well-lit areas or in locked garages. In addition, always lock your car doors and avoid leaving the keys in the vehicle.

Don’t Entice Thieves

Whenever possible, avoid leaving valuables in plain view. This can attract potential crooks who, after breaking in to steal your personal items, may decide to take the entire car. Auto theft can be traumatic, stressful and expensive, and it’s best to do all you can to keep your personal belongings and vehicle safe from criminals.

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