Ontario Paying the Highest Premiums in Canada
January 11, 2016

High Risk Drivers & Demerit Points

Demerit Points for Speeding Tickets

  • Traffic Tickets with the associated demerit points impact insurance rates.
  • The Ministry of Transportation penalizes drivers who accumulate too many demerit points by removing their driving privileges, and right to drive.

Demerit points for Probationary drivers – G1/G2 Licence holders

  • Speeding tickets can affect your insurance.
  • Any 4 point speeding ticket means a 30 day licence suspension.
  • Probationary drivers are not allowed to accumulate 6 demerit points.
  • Any Suspension would increase insurance 100%.

Demerit points for Fully licenced drivers

  • Speeding tickets can affect your insurance.
  • Upon reaching 9 demerit points the Ministry of Transportation will require the driver to attend for a interview to see why the driver’s licence should not be suspended.
  • At 15 demerit points the driver receives a mandatory 30 day licence suspension.
  • Any suspension would increase insurance 100%

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