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Auto Insurance Limits

Auto insurance provides coverage to drivers in the event of an accident that results in damaged property and/or injuries. Having insurance allows drivers peace of mind in knowing that certain costs will be covered if they are ever injured or if their vehicle becomes damaged.

There are two types of auto insurance in Canada: mandatory and optional. Regulations surrounding mandatory insurance coverage are established by each provincial government to ensure that all drivers have sufficient funds to pay for losses. Mandatory insurance in most provinces includes liability insurance and accident benefits. Drivers may also purchase optional insurance coverage, which includes collision and comprehensive, either through the government or from private insurers.

In Ontario, required auto insurance is purchased through private insurers. Provincial law mandates the following limits for liability insurance and accident benefits.


Ontario drivers are required to carry minimum third-party liability coverage of $200,000 for injury (or death) or damage (or loss) to property for any one accident. If a claim involves both bodily injury and property damage and reaches this figure, the property damage payment will be capped at $10,000.

Accident Benefits

Medical payments Up to $3,500 for minor injuries

Up to $50,000 for non-minor and non-catastrophic injuries

Up to $1 million for a catastrophic impairment

Duration is up to 10 years

·         After the date of accident if person was at least 15 at time of the accident, or

·         Until the person turns 25 if he or she was under 15 at the time of the accident

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